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Happy Weekend TAY!

I hope everyone is knee-deep in scary movies and Holloween festivities this weekend. It’s a fine time to play that creepy game you’ve been too chicken to try. If you live in a country that doesn’t do Halloween, you can at least join in the fun by watching your favourite horror movies. (one of mine is The Descent)


I beat F.E.A.R. last week and I loved my time with it. Sure, it is getting a little long in the tooth at this point, but it still holds up incredibly well on all fronts and eclipses most games in terms of sheer gameplay.

It is surprising how good F.E.A.R. still looks given the passage of time. Much of this is due to the incredible texture work. They are simple textures but the artwork has aged extremely well and the whole game still looks wonderfully realistic. It is the resolution of the textures that is probably the Achilles heel in the visuals, but this game wasn’t even designed for modern screen resolutions. There is also the issue of low polycounts per scene and the world might feel a little empty at times, but the incredible texture work covers up a lot. It certainly doesn’t look 14 years old.


**Following video is NSFW (lots of loud swearing)** 

Video Credit: 4Player Network

The sound and atmosphere in F.E.A.R. are still a benchmark and the access to Warner Brother’s sound engineers resulted in some amazing foley sound effects. It still delivers a very creepy atmosphere and I was surprised at its ability to give me the wiggins, even on my fourth tour through the game.


F.E.A.R. is screaming for a remaster. I’m thinking it is hard to mod since the PC modding scene is a ghost town. There has been the promise of projects but nothing seemed to materialize.


F.E.A.R. also holds up so well that it might be a mistake to mess with perfection by remaking it. If we could just get a tweak to the resolution of the textures, higher-resolution models, and maybe some modern lighting and shadows, then it likely would see a lot of sales from old fans and new fans alike. Maybe Warner Bros. could get Nightdive Studios to take a look (they seem to be able to work magic).


I had a blast with F.E.A.R. It still boasts an enemy AI system that gives all other games a run for their money and is at the head of the class in terms of gameplay and atmosphere. Highly recommended if you haven’t given it a try after all these years. (or replay it if you remember enjoying it...’tis the season and all)

I ended up with a busy week last week and didn’t have a lot of time to play more spooky games after F.E.A.R. but I did have an evening with Until Dawn: Rush of Blood on PSVR.


Rush of Blood is the VR take on those old school light-gun shooters.

VR is a great place for a resurgence of this genre as the 3D visuals and body tracking add so much to the experience. Plus, the motion controls aim better than most arcade guns and make for an immersive control system.


Until Dawn: Rush of Blood throws a nice twist on the formula by basically making The House of the Dead on a rollercoaster. I’ve been on several rides in theme parks that involve moving carts and shooting targets, but none of them matched the experience of Rush of Blood in VR.


I don’t imagine I’ll play a ton of Rush of Blood, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far and it is one of those games you can just pick up and play when you feel like some adrenaline.

Action picks up about 3 minutes in.

I’m going to add Rush of Blood to the list of games I’ll show to first time VR players. It is best played while sitting (good for those prone to toppling) and uses two Move Controllers (for great VR immersion) but only requires the user to shoot with the triggers and reload with the Move buttons (so it is an effective but simple control system). Rush of Blood also looks great and has a spooktacular sound design, though I suspect a few new VR users might turn a little green with the more severe roller coaster sequences.


I have a busy weekend and a full schedule next week, but I’m hoping to play a little more Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and maybe checkout The Exorcist: Legion VR on PSVR if I can find the time.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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