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Happy Weekend TAY!

Well, I wasn’t positive we’d be here this weekend, but I’m sure glad we are. TAY is my social club and, while I’m not very chatty, I can’t imagine it not being here. Hopefully, our benefactors see the value in our community and the goodwill we spill over into Kotaku. If we suddenly disappear, I want you all to know how much I appreciate all the conversations we’ve had over the years and for all the fantastic articles. Thank you all for being you and letting me pick your brains for gaming ideas for almost seven years.

I’ve been playing ARK: Survival Evolved every Tuesday with my friend and it has been a great game to play while shooting the breeze. It appears to be a little like Minecraft with dinosaurs but the upgrade systems, combat, and survival mechanics keep things interesting. ARK does feel a little too much like work at times, which is ultimately what turned me off of Minecraft, but for now, it is novel and exciting.


On my own, I was dabbling with Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition on PS4. I’m usually a big fan of twin-stick shooters, but this one feels rather dull and slow. It also features surprisingly muddy visuals for a PS4 game. I know it is a port of a PS3 game, but it really needs a resolution bump. I might continue the game at some point but I’ve seen enough to know I am not a big fan. Thankfully it is very arcadey and is easy to put down and pick up again if the mood strikes me.

I was happily distracted from Dead Nation by the release of Harmonix’s Audica for PSVR last week. In the vein of Beat Saber and Harmonix’s own Fantasia: Music Evolved, Audica is a rhythm game where you shoot targets in time with the music. On paper, Audica sounds like it might be somewhat simple but in VR and with motion controls, it ends up being fun and challenging. I don’t think it is quite as interesting as Beat Saber, but it is also much less exhausting. Audica is something I can play without putting on workout clothes...at least so far.

I also just started to play Moss on PSVR, which I grabbed on PSN’s last sale.

 Moss was one of the most impressive demos I played when I first bought my PSVR and is a great example of how traditional gameplay can be adopted and improved in VR.


Moss is a relatively simple platform game, but it oozes charm. From the impressive visuals and immersive 3D to the excellent music and voice work, Moss almost overwhelms the senses in VR. I’m not sure what is in store, but so far, this platform-puzzler has been loads of fun.


I have houseguests again this weekend, so my game time will be curtailed. Plus, we just had our male cat castrated for his birthday, so I have to keep a close eye on him while also making sure his sister doesn’t beat him up for not smelling the same. Hopefully, I’ll find a bit of time to explore more of the world of Moss and get in some more shooty-beats with Audica...but I’d also be happy for some sleep if I can find it.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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