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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

A Banner Week

Happy Weekend TAY!

We received our first dump of snow around here last week. I’ve got the snow tires on the car and the snowblower has been out twice already. Not a good sign of things to come for the winter, but I’ll take it. I like the cold, so I’d rather remove snow than mow the lawn any day of the week. (well, any day that is above -20C...that starts to get a little painful).


Last weekend (and for several days after) I was up with our convalescing cat as he recovered from his neutering. He had a bit of a rough go of it and, understandably, wasn’t feeling the greatest.

What we weren’t expecting was for his sister to think we returned from the vet with a demon instead of her brother. Morticia was actively hostile to Gomez for several days and was rather short with the rest of the family. She seems to have returned to normal now and they are back to sleeping curled up together, but it was a bit of a tense week (even tiny cats can inflict lightning-fast pain when pissed off).


As being isolated in VR wasn’t the best idea given the feline-on-feline exorcism being performed in the house; I figured I’d put my PSVR games of Moss and Audica on hold. I quickly picked a flat game to play on the TV, settling on The Banner Saga which has been recommended to me by several people around TAY.


The Banner Saga was surprisingly fun and I became engrossed in the story which was beautifully told. I’m not a good strategy gamer and would much rather be a soldier in a game than a general, but thankfully, The Banner Saga has a fairly simple approach. It was well-paced and didn’t get bogged down into lots of numbers and complex menu systems.


I played on the Normal difficulty and found the game a fair challenge with little frustration up until the final battle. I had to replay that mission about 10 times before finally succeeding. I was starting to worry that I had spread my experience upgrade points too thin by giving a little to each unit in my army instead of making a few elite fighters. The way the game is set up, you can’t grind for XP, so if you assign upgrades poorly, you could conceivably screw yourself and have to drop the difficulty down to keep going. (or start the whole game over)


The Banner Saga was simply beautiful in its presentation. The visuals remind one of classical film animation and the music is exceptionally well done. I dug the Norse fantasy setting and the story despite its odd use of perspective and occasionally clumsy dialogue. I’m looking forward to checking out the next chapters to see what happens in this surprisingly dark story.

Hopefully this weekend I can get back to Audica and Moss now that the cat truce is holding, but Microsoft also just dropped Rage 2 on Game Pass...and I might not be able to resist.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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