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Happy Weekend TAY!

Another weekend is upon us and another weekend closer to the holidays. I hope everyone is shopped out from weeks of Black Friday deals and you can spend some time relaxing this weekend. I thought that all the online shopping would have stopped the throngs going to the malls, but the roads were packed near them on Friday. I’m glad I’m staying inside this weekend.


I ended up finishing Rage 2 last week and, overall, I was bitterly disappointed.

Anyone who has followed these weekend posts over the years might have noticed that my preferred mode of play is the first-person shooter. I often equate shooters to hamburgers; they can vary widely in taste and quality, but they are usually satisfying enough to finish. However, like hamburgers, every once in a while you’ll get a game that your body rejects and you cross that restaurant off your list of places to eat.

The problem here is that id Software is the restaurant and they are one of my go-to gaming companies for the never-fail happy meal.


Avalanche Studios were the ones that actually made Rage 2, but Bethesda foolishly marketed it under the id Software banner. It was a big gamble to have an id Software game made by another developer and almost blasphemous to not have used an id Tech engine. I don’t think the gamble pays out in the end and tarnishes id’s brand in the process.


Rage 2 is boring; boring in a way I almost find incomprehensible given how much I’ll put up within a first-person shooter. I ended up skipping at least one-third of the missions, partially because I didn’t need the resources or XP they provided (the game’s economies quickly break), but also because I absolutely did not want to play any more than necessary to finish the game.

Rage 2 is also somewhat broken. The enemy AI is stupid and easily exploited, but your attackers also regularly get stuck in the environment or become non-reactive at distance. These AI issues are very disappointing given that the combat mechanics are well-polished and the animations and visual feedback of the opponents are fantastic.


The other giant offence in Rage 2 is the vehicles.

The original Rage had an amazing car-combat component, one that I always felt could have been sold separately. It controlled exceptionally well and was an exciting challenge; it also is what separated Rage from the rest of the id franchises.


Not so with Rage 2. The racing missions are terrible and the extremely floaty-physics are not the least bit satisfying. Outside the safety of the racetracks, the wasteland is almost devoid of any vehicle combat (or life) and when you do see a hostile, they are likely to just drive off and not engage at all. There are missions that see you taking out convoys and those require the use of vehicles, but that’s basically the only source of reliable target practice.

The driving in Rage 2 sucks more joy out of an already joyless game.


I can’t see any reason to recommend anyone look at Rage 2 unless you’ve exhausted every other first-person shooter out there. It is a pretty game, but that wears thin after a few hours.


What is going on Bethesda!? You’ve done the unfathomable...you’ve made me question future purchases of id Software titles.

With people jumping ship at id Software, I wonder if we might be seeing signs of major trouble with the iconic game developer. Hopefully Doom Eternal will redeem things, but Bethesda should do everything they can to avoid future catastrophes with id Software’s name carelessly attached to them. For shame!


I have UFC 245 to watch Saturday night and the ever-present prep for holiday visitors, but I’m looking forward to a somewhat relaxing weekend. I don’t want to start up a new game that is too involved, only to have to put it on hold when visitors begin to arrive. I’ll need something a little more bite-sized and I might start picking at the DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4 which is broken into chapters. Maybe my plans of a “DLC December” might be a thing after all.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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