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Happy Weekend TAY!

The first weekend of 2020!

I hope everyone has recovered from the festivities and are gearing up for a return to a “normal” schedule. We are hoping to have a fun weekend around my house after the let down of watching Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood on New Year’s Eve. Seriously, did people enjoy that?


Last week I restarted (and finished) my game of Moss on PSVR that I began six weeks ago. I put the game down initially due to a cold (which is gross to have while wearing a TV on your face).

However, I also put the game down due to some issues with the Playstation Camera and the game not playing well together. I’m glad I came across a solution and returned to Moss...what a wonderful experience.

This somewhat traditional 3D platform game is a prime example of how everything can be made better in VR.

Yes, you could do Moss as a standard flat game, but you’d lose all the magic.

The stereoscopic nature of VR makes the world of Moss feel unlike anything I’ve played before. I’m a huge fan of 3D, so much so that I have to import 3D movies from the U.K. because North America gave up on 3D Blu-rays just as the technology was perfected. The 3D in Moss shows how much is added to your senses when you have a true representation of depth to the world and the impact this has on the gameplay.


Of course, 3D positional tracking is the other major aspect of VR and Moss brilliantly uses this to allow the player to assess the playfield from many different angles. I generally played the game while seated, but I often stood up or crouched down to plan my attack on Moss’ clever platforming-puzzles.

While maybe a little too easy overall (probably a good thing for people new to VR), Moss is a terrific package of sword fighting, platforming and puzzles. The Unreal engine is well used here and Moss’ breathtaking visuals simply don’t translate to these screenshots and videos. Like everything in VR, you have to experience it to appreciate it.


The DLC is seamlessly integrated into the main game. I would never have known that I played the DLC until I looked up some reviews on the game once I was finished. The whole package feels complete and now that I know what was DLC and what wasn’t, it wouldn’t have been as impressive of an experience without the DLC.


Fantastic stuff! I’d highly recommend picking up Moss to anyone with a major VR platform (if you haven’t played it already)...I can’t wait for the sequel.


This weekend I’m hoping to play more Knuckles’ Chaotix with my kid which we started up during his birthday week. It is chaos in a bottle, but my son and I are having a blast with it.

I now have to come up with yet another new game to play after beating Moss ...but I really wish I just had more Moss.


So what are you playing this weekend?

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