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Happy Weekend TAY!

Well...that was certainly a week.

I was glued to the news for a while and didn’t get much game time in, plus, my kid’s first week back at school hit the ground running and the week seemed full of appointments.


What little game time I had was spent with Far Cry 5 and the DLC that came with the bundle I bought on PC.

These “add-on packs” seem to be a trio of story-based single-player content that shows off the versatility of Ubisoft’s Dunia engine. The DLC was released alongside the Far Cry Arcade which allows users to create single-player or multiplayer content using assets from a slew of Ubisoft properties. I imagine the varying themes of the DLC were meant to inspire Arcade creations.


The first of the DLC, Hours of Darkness, is basically a bare-bones Far Cry experience set in Vietnam...if your Vietnam was only inspired from watching macho 90’s movies on the subject.

Hours of Darkness was barely passable and I consistently felt like my time would have been better spent elsewhere. There is nothing new here, you’ve already done all of this with a much better presentation in almost every other iteration of the franchise.


Obviously, Hours of Darkness didn’t set me up with the highest of hopes going into the second DLC, but thankfully, Lost on Mars has been an amazing surprise.


Lost on Mars is like combining Half-Life 2 and Tribes (jetpacks!), adding a great helping of Starship Troopers, and a generous dash of Portal flavouring.


Unlike Hours of Darkness, Lost on Mars uses characters (and voice actors) from Far Cry 5 and is set in the same universe...just on a different planet.

Lost On Mars features the inimitable Hurk who is the recurring hillbilly-comic relief in almost every Far Cry game since Far Cry 3. I’ve always enjoyed Hurk and I was happy to see him as the feature act. This time he is teamed up with Nick Rye (from Far Cry 5) and the redneck-buddy routine had me giggling out loud on several occasions.


The gameplay is fantastic and offers a wonderful first-person platform shooter with clever writing and a great challenge. I’m playing Lost on Mars on Hard and I’m dying rather regularly, but the tasks are so much fun to complete that I’m happy to have to restart a scenario when the bugs inevitably get me.


Great stuff! I’d love to see Ubisoft do a larger open-world game based on this content with the same budget as a core Far Cry title; I’d happily pay for more quality first-person platforming like this.


I’m hoping I’ll have more time this weekend to finish up Lost On Mars and move on to the final DLC: Dead Living Zombies. I don’t know what to expect (no spoilers please) but I’m now super curious given the swing and a miss with Hours of Darkness and the home-run with Lost on Mars.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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