I was able to get in some more Farcry 3 this week. I am of two minds about it. It is addictive as hell, moving around the world is so much fun, it looks breathtaking, and the combat is exactly what I want from a game. Stealth doesn't feel forced and I feel like I have choices in the game.

However, it is just too damn easy (so far at least). I am playing on Master, which is their highest difficulty. However, the AI just really doesn't seem up to the task. One thing that would have helped is keeping the baddies in alert posture once alerted. On Master one would presume that the game is not going to be forgiving. Badguys have a mode where they are constantly twitching around while walking, looking out for you in a more random pattern. If they stayed in this posture, then they'd be harder to sneak up on and knife. As it stands, they go back to standard behaviour rather quickly. I mean, if I found a dead body of someone I worked with, I think I'd be a little agitated for several hours at least.

I know this is a common problem in games, but we should be starting to get beyond those issues. If I play on your very hardest difficulty, you should punish me more. Also, I believe in the first Farcry (I know it is a different dev) that the enemies would strafe the bushes with their guns often when highly alerted or having observed you go in to cover. I've seen the AI do this only once in Farcry 3. This would make things less easy if they would just start shooting where they say you disappear.

I also got in some more Little Big Planet Karting with Xander this week. We finished off the fifth planet yesterday. I love the game once you accept that winning is 50/50 skill and luck. The "catch-up" in the game is absolutely brutal. Might have been nice to have the option to turn it off.


Also ordered a whack load of Rockband 3 stuff off of Amazon this week. Keyboard, Pro Guitar, Cymbal expansion, and the midi box. Smoking deals to be had on the keyboards and pro guitars right now if anyone is looking.

So, what are you playing this weekend?