I'm really feeling it!

TAY! Weekend! Whatcha Playing?

I had a busy week but was able to get in some more FarCry 3. Still way too easy, but it is a lot of fun.

After finishing Dead Island with my buddy in our weekly gaming night, we've moved on to Torchlight II. Meh. I don't generally like those types of game for exactly the same reason I Torchlight II bugs me...TOO MANY BLOODY pickups. I know you don't have to pick up everything, but you need the cash. The pets are a WONDERFUL solution to the shops, but I think I'd like the option to auto sell everything of certain colour classifications like some other games have implemented. Really what I want is way WAY less armor and weapon pickups. I want equipment to be special. Just make the rest of the pickups as cash, since I'd sell the crappy weapons and armor anyhow.


Finished Little Big Planet Karting with Xander, in the end I really like it even though the catch-up mechanic is a little broken. We have some other games to finish off before moving on. He wants to play Halo 1 (I have the anniversary remake as well) but I think he might be too young for that type of game. I'm not sure how I feel about that level of violence in games for a six year old.

So, weekend time is here again...what are you playing this weekend?

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