Sorry, I would have posted earlier but I just did two hours of RockBand with the wife and Xander and I feel like I am having a small stroke from all the high notes I had to sing. I don’t have much singing experience, but man, that can wear you out.

So, I played more and more and more Far Cry 3. I think I am in the third act now, but you never know what happens in these games. Still way too easy and that might be causing a little twinge of fatigue with the repetitiveness of the game, but the main story has been extremely enjoyable and Vaas (Michael Mando voicing) deserves all the praise heaped on him. He is the most enjoyable villain I’ve seen in a good long while, and I hope Mando gets some more similar roles in the future. He really is spectacular.

I also have to give HUGE PROPS to Ubi for their use of sound in the game. I often bitch about devs not understanding sound in games. I generally dislike music in games, particularly in games like Far Cry 3. You are a hunter and your ears are one of the most important senses in these games when hunting. Having the music on is like hunting while listening to music on an MP3 player, it makes no sense to me and really ruins the atmosphere.

However, Ubi really understand this in Far Cry 3. There is music in the game as an object. Radios while playing poker, some minor snippets of tunes for completing goals and most importantly (so far) having Die Antwoord music in the game at a “party”. So many games turn off ALL music when I turn off the music in the game options. I want the in-game music that is purposeful or is part of the environment. It adds to the game. Having a layer of music just running on top of the game (the soundtrack) takes away from the game for me.

There are no finer moments in music than when I was sneaking up on Vaas’ base and hearing a heavy thumping bass line which slowly resolves itself into one of my favourite songs. The way the music came from the base was truly how it should have sounded from the outside and most importantly it was THERE. So often in games like this, when I turn off the music I lose even the music in the game that is part of the game itself. Spec Ops: The Lines is the most recent offender at this. I was playing along with the music off in Spec Ops: The Line and on of the other characters said “Do you hear music?”. I didn’t, but didn’t think anything of it until someone else comments on the broadcast from the radio that I couldn’t hear. So, I go in to the options, turn on the music and voila, suddenly the world makes sense. Music was an important part of the game in Spec Ops: The Line, but the devs didn’t understand the difference between music that is part of the game and music that is playing in a layer separate from the game.


Played some more Silent Hill Downpour with my wife, which we are both still really enjoying and it has definitely been the best 3D experience I’ve had on the PS3 so far. Started Rayman Origins with Xander which has been an absolute blast now that he is old enough to coordinate more challenging platformer mechanics and controls. I also played some more Torchlight II which finally has become challenging so it is more fun.

I have to do my taxes this week which I always seem to leave to the last possible moment, but I hope to get in some more Far Cry 3 this weekend.

So, what are your game plans for the weekend?