I'm really feeling it!

Another weekend! It is finally spring/summer -like here. I should probably go mow the grass this weekend...probably. It isn't nearly as fun as staying inside and playing something though.

So, presuming there are no surprise areas in Far Cry 3, I should be done with it this weekend. I’ve really enjoyed my time with it.


I think I am getting a cold though, the past few hours have been sinus hell. Maybe allergies, but I am feeling achy as I type this...so maybe there will be less gaming in my weekend than I was hoping for. :(

So what are you playing this weekend? I think everyone should play a violent game to make you think about Katie Couric’s misguided journalism. :) I think I’ll finally boot up that copy of the latest Mortal Kombat I bought for PS3 months ago for $8.

That’s it...I’m out...going to find a box of tissues. Have a great weekend everyone!

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