Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the mothers out there. Hope you are playing something excellent on the weekend.

I finished Far Cry 3 last weekend. Man, that was a blast. The game was excellent but the voice acting really puts it over the top, I think I loved every character in the game. I was saddened to hear of the passing of Martin Kevan. The Doc really gave me some great laughs.

So pet peeve. Far Cry 3 has two endings. You have two choices which are selected with two different buttons, then the cutscenes run to the credits with no further input from the player. Problem is, with the way Far Cry 3 saves, I found no good way of replaying from the choice point and had to watch the other ending on Youtube. If you are going to give me endings like that...you know what would be really nice? After the credits run, how about “Would you like to see the other ending?” or some such prompt.

And the credits...I’ll say this again. Take the bloody localization credits that don’t apply to the version I played OUT of the credits. Those credits, along with the credits in many other Ubisoft titles, are just ridiculously long. I am all for credits as the people who worked on the game are only recognized in the credits for all their hard work. But they are just painful to sit through especially when I am watching 10 minute sections of credits for people that had NOTHING to do with the version I played.


But an amazing game. If you haven’t played it and enjoy first person shooters, definitely give it a go.

So, while continuing to play Torchlight II (ZZZzzzz...) with my friend on Tuesdays, he asked me to try Star Wars: The Old Republic since it was free to play. Now, he likes lots of MMOs and I have had nothing but hatred for them (at least the ones I’ve tried). You know what? I hate SWTOR too! WTF is fun in these games? Granted, I don’t really like RPGs either. My favourite RPGs are Elder Scrolls style. However, I just don’t see the fun in SWTOR. Sure, it seems to have a neat story and it looks fairly nice for an MMO, but the controls are not fun, the combat is not fun, and really the whole game design screams “NOT FUN” to me. The encounters feel so artificial, you have to get so close to something before it is even alerted to you then the same baddies just respawn later so you can have no fun killing them again. I get that with a large amount of people playing with you, this could be maybe more fun, but man, I really REALLY don’t get those games. Maybe someone can respond with what they get out of them.


So, I deleted all 30GB of SWTOR off my hard-drive and started playing Psychonauts again. I was like 95% done the first time I played on the Xbox and lost my save. Time to finish it off but on PC this time. Looks so nice still.

So, what are you playing this weekend when you should be visiting your mother?