I'm really feeling it!

So, I didn't play much of anything all week. Lots of stuff to do that wasn't game related and I was dog tired all week. Another sad week in gaming when Candy Crush is your most played game (again).

I did finish Psychonauts last weekend. Last bit was a little rougher than the rest of the game, but still brilliant really. So much fun. If you didn't play it, you really missed out and should try it out if you have the chance. I’m sure most people’s PCs can run the game.


So my friend who suggested playing Torchlight II has grown bored with it, so we switched to Serious Sam 3 and what a wonderful game that’s turned out to be and the bright spot in my dull gaming week. I absolutely love that there is no level maps or direction indicators. It is so nice to get turned around in a level and start heading the wrong way. Too many games nowadays hold our hands too tightly.

Only problem for me with switching to Serious Sam 3 is that my completionist OCD is going to make me finish Torchlight II even though I wasn't that keen on it to begin with. Maybe I’ll start something else as well. I was thinking about System Shock 2 but I should really play something on one of the consoles to help with the growing backlog.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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