Oh Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, what have you done to me? Fighting with pointed sticks has never been so much fun.

I haven't played a PVP or team-based combat game in a very long time. (I don't even know what the term for these types of games is as you can see). The original Doom was my one and only real foray in to these types of games. I was in university when Doom came out and I spent many an hour in the computer labs playing LAN Doom against my friends.

I also played a little Halo 2 with a group of friends as a team online for a while. We were all pushing 40 and got schooled by the kids, but we had a lot of fun doing it. However, we didn't do a lot of it, maybe 2 times a month for 6 months max.

I've never really been in to these types of games. Not for any particular reason, just I always had loads of other games to play single player and often the communities online turn my stomach with the negativity.

Then, last weekend happened. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was free to play. Normally I wouldn't have look at it, but I have a passion for first person melee games. Games like Condemned, System Shock 2, etc are always at the top of my all-time favourites list because of the first person melee. When I have the choice in games like Borderlands, I always go for the melee character. I am loving Chivalry and was more than happy to buy it for less than $9. The controls work really, really well. You have 3 different attacks with a weapon, 3 different weapons: main, secondary and projectile. You can kick, feint, duck, jump...everything you need for good old hacking and slashing. There are two different factions with 4 classes in each faction. The arenas are really well designed (though I honestly have no frame of reference with my limited experience) and most importantly the community seems to be relatively nice and fun for the most part. I'd really recommend checking it out if another free to play weekend comes around if you enjoy these types of games.


I also played some more Torchlight II to try to finish off the game I started with my friend who doesn't want to play it anymore. It has been tough since I was playing a mage and was primarily a long range support character. Suddenly having all the combat come my way has been hard to deal with since my character wasn't evolved to have a lot of face-to-face combat. I may have to drop the difficulty if I want to stick with it. I am dying a LOT on the Elite difficulty level and while I don't mind dying, it just adds to the repetitive nature of these games.


I'm glad we stopped playing Torchlight II together though. I am enjoying it a little more by myself because it is such a graphical mess with two people AND pets AND summons AND tons of spell effects on the screen. It is a much cleaner experience by myself. Plus, we are really enjoying Serious Sam 3. It is fantastic and loads of fun two-players.

So, what are you playing this weekend?