I'm really feeling it!

Tay! Weekend!!! Whatcha playing?

Sorry for the crummy picture, I am in a hotel and posting this via my iPhone, so please forgive the format and errors.


So we are staying in this particular hotel because of the pool and it has been pretty good. Off to a family birthday party tomorrow and long drive back home Saturday night through Sunday morning.

This hotel supposedly has an arcade. That photo with my thumb in the frame is pretty much the whole arcade. We even received $10 worth of tokens we could barely finish having played everything once and some games took 5 tokens.

The machines are poorly maintained. The foosball and air hockey tables aren't level. The Crazy Taxi machine has no sound. ( Crazy taxi with no sound really sucks.) The gas pedal on the Sega Rally 3 machine worked half the time and one of the screens on the Time Crisis 3 machine had the colour all messed up.

So that was my gaming excitement for the week.

I did squeeze in a little Torchlight II and Serious Sam 3 with my buddy but it was another fairly dry week for me.


My buddy bought me Colonization on Steam today, so I'll give that a go when I am home. He wants to play it via email. I've decided to play RDR Undead Nightmare when I am done Torchlight II so I am very excited for that. Hopefully that will come sooner than later.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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