Man, what a day! I dropped my iPhone on the blacktop waiting to pick my kid up at school. I had a mild heart attack when it landed face down. Figures it was one of the very very few times it was out of its case...damn slippery thing. Luckily it was mostly ok. I smashed the glass trim on the back around the camera, but the camera seems fine. Ok fine...I was playing Candy Crush...I know I have a problem, but I'm working through it.

I finished Serious Sam 3 with my buddy last Tuesday. It was pretty good. Ridiculously huge amounts of baddies on the last level and the final boss was great. My only problem with the game was death. More the lack of penalty for dying when playing on the classic co-op mode. It does offer a lives system with customizable amounts of lives. (eg. 200 lives, etc). This would have probably been a better way, though I think we'd have had to drop the difficulty down one notch (having played second from the hardest) if we were going to have 200 lives. We died a staggering amount of times. The other problem is that you respawn the first bunch of times exactly where you died. This often SUCKS as it is in the middle of 20 baddies that slaughter you immediately upon respawning. It eventually respawns you further away from the battle, but I lost most of my "lives" because of this. Fun game though...if you haven't played a Serious Sam game I would highly recommend you play the third one. You just never see these amount of baddies on screen at once in other FPS games.

I also played around a little with Proteus (title pic). Still not convinced there is anything remotely "game-like" there and it is just an "interactive experience", but it is a lot more "fun" than Dear Ester. The first time I played Proteus I didn't get it at all. The last time I played it I was understanding more about the time manipulations and what triggers all the trippy visuals. I wouldn't recommend buying it on its own though. I got it in one of the latest Humble Bundles and for those prices I can't complain. All the quotations above should be looked upon as a warning though.

Still slogging away at Torchlight II. I hope I am done with it tonight. I was all geared up to play The Undead Nightmare (RDR) after Torchlight II, but then Syndicate (2012) went on sale on Origin for $6 yesterday. I've been watching the price on that one for a long time. I am super excited to play it since I had so much love for the last pile of Starbreeze games. I know it isn't the whole team anymore, but still, it is the same engine as The Darkness and Riddick that my brain can't think about playing anything else now. Plus, I heard it is short...I love short games.


So, what are you playing this weekend? Better start chipping away at that console backlog before the new ones launch and the Steam Summer Sales comes and screws over everyone's wallets.




6:18am Saturday here...just finished Torchlight II. So...meh. For those types of games it is alright I suppose. I'm not really a big fan of those types of action/rpg/dungeon crawler-things. I really prefer them to be more like the Sacred 2 and the old Balders Gate Dark Alliance games in controls. I feel like I am more in control of my character when I have direct movement controls and combat is usually more fun with those types of control schemes. I suppose that Torchlight II on 360 would have offered that type of experience. Pity they didn't patch the 360 controls to the PC version. I played on the second highest difficulty level and never felt rich or overpowered, which is a big plus. I don't think I've played one since Diablo 2 where I didn't get so mighty it was a joke by the end. You could do worse than Torchlight II. I never need to look at it again though. I go sleep now...Syndicate tomorrow...yay! (oh, I guess actually later today...I'm afraid to go upstairs because the sun will already be out, I hate when you see the sun before you've gone to bed).