Don't you love when your hopeful expectations are met by a game? This is Syndicate for me.

Now granted, I'd heard mixed comments about the game and the Metacritic score is pretty low, so that likely coloured my expectations, but man, what a game! I'm totally loving it. Sure, it is pretty linear and sometimes the AI can be a little dumb at points, but the game is SO much fun. I am having an absolute blast with it. It is also really nice looking showing that the ol' Starbreeze Engine has some life left in it yet. The sound design, gameplay, story...everything just works for me.

I'm a big fan of checkpoints in shooters instead of saves and this does this as well. There is nothing to complain about at all for me and everything to love. Maybe the best $6 I ever spent (but it is back up to $19 on Origin now). If you like first person shooters and a good sci-fi setting and is definitely work checking out. I am excited to get back to it this weekend once the parental units have left.


So, after finishing Serious Sam 3 last week, my buddy and I needed a new game for our weekly game night. We decided to check out the multiplayer in Red Dead Redemption. I was a little nervous going back since I absolutely adored that game and it is right up there as one of the best games of this console generation for me. However, I've been playing loads of really REALLY nice looking PC games lately and I was scared the graphics weren't going to hold up for me.

I was so pleasantly surprised once I was in-game how good that game looks still. It really is Rockstar's crowning achievement in gaming for me and it still blows me away how much fun simply driving a horse through the dirt can be.


Now the multiplayer is slightly disappointing. Well, the co-op to be specific. We are 40+ year old gamers and don't have much need for PVP or group sessions with people we don't know. We decided that the co-op content should be what we were looking for and for the most part it is. The missions were well thought out and fun to play, but the checkpoint system leaves a little to be desired. "But Datacide, you just said how much you liked checkpoint systems up above". Yes, this is true, but in RDR the checkpoint system isn't really like other checkpoint systems. It is more a respawn checkpoint system where all dead players will come back once a surviving player makes a checkpoint. This is great if you are playing with a large number of people (and maybe that was really our problem), but for two players playing on Hardcore who need to stick somewhat together to survive...this checkpoint system failed us. When you both die, you have to restart from the very beginning of the mission. I don't really mind, but the mission are quite long and the pacing doesn't make for multiple repetitions of the same mission a whole lot of fun. I know there are very few co-op missions to begin with, so maybe having to do them over and over to complete isn't so bad, but it would have been nice to have the option to restart a mission at the last checkpoint.

So, what are you playing this weekend? My thoughts are with the people in Calgary and surrounding areas with all the flooding. I saw a Rockband drum kit on TV 3/4 of the way submerged in water and it broke my heart thinking how many gamers have had their whole collections and systems wiped out.