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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha playing!

Yay! Xander graduated from Grade One and we celebrated by playing Halo 1 (anniversary edition). I'm either the best or worst parent.

I promised him that once he graduated Grade One that we could play Halo together (at his request). He is only six years old, so I certainly have some reservations about it. It is easy to say that violence in games doesn't affect people permanently, but at six things like guns and violence is certainly something to consider very closely. At that age they don't have the tools and skills to deal with the violence in the same way that we do. Xander is also autistic, so his OS is a different version than most people's and gives him a slightly different take on things.


He seemed to enjoy himself. We didn't get very far, just leaving the Autumn and a little bit of play on the surface. Certainly, Halo is pretty tame compared to most shooters with an M-rating so it wasn't too much for him so far. The worst part I think was when you crash land on Halo and everyone else in the pod is dead. He hasn't asked again to play it and we only did one session. Not much worse than hacking up pigs and cows in Minecraft I guess. I still am unsure how I feel about him playing it. Though, if he doesn't ask to play again then I can just avoid the issue for now.

I didn't get much else played this week. I started Little Big Planet 2 with my buddy for our co-op Tuesday game. It is a real shame they make you play the whole first world single player before you can play co-op, it is a real drag. We started actually playing Magika on PC which was a load of fun co-op before it turned in to a buggy game from hell. It is a pity the multiplayer is so buggy, it is a really fun and unique game. We just couldn't continue to play it with all the bugs.

I had one night to play some more Syndicate and I hope to have it done this weekend after some visiting family goes away. :) I am so loving this game, it is just fantastic. Deus Ex devs should look at Syndicate to see how augmented-human boss fights should be done. The bosses in the game are fantastic. The whole game is just really, really tight and a blast to play. I can't wait to get back to it. Sure, it has some warts...the AI isn't the spiffiest in the world and can be a little dumb when set on a push-forward/attack routine as you can see by the picture below where I just snapped the necks of everyone who ran past the corner. This however is a problem with loads of games. More games need to be much more conscious of bodies. The more bodies around, the more alert the should become and stop advancing and dig in to their positions.


I have a quick question for anyone here who knows a fair bit about the Rock Band drum kits. I have a RB2 "SL" kit and the snare pad (green in my case) has begun to bubble. I have found some replacement pads, but they are "QM" pads. Obviously they were both RB2 kits, but does anyone know if I can replace the pad on an "SL" with a "QM". I simply can't find "SL" replacements and would probably need to get a whole new RB3 kit if I can't replace the pad.


Early Happy Canada Day to all my brothers and sisters in Canada. We have a nice long weekend to spend with family or game extra long.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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