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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha playing?

Don't you hate when you save a game and when you finally get back to it after numerous days of not being able to play, that you saved right at the end! This was my Syndicate experience this week.

I mean I saved at the VERY end. I had just killed the final boss (not knowing it was the final boss) and had to go to sleep since it was 4am when I killed it. So, when I get back to my game I got to walk down a hallway and then watch the ending in-game cutscene. Still...I absolutely LOVED every minute of the game, but man, what a buzz-kill that was.


So, I was able to start playing Red Dead Redemption: The Undead Nightmare this week.

I absolutely adored Red Dead Redemption on my 360. It was one of the high point in console gaming for me for this generation and I think it is Rockstar's best game so far. (I haven't played GTA IV yet).

The Undead Nightmare is a little of a mixed bag for me. It is still the awesome horseback riding that I loved. Still the wonderful landscapes and beautiful visuals. The writing is strong and it wonderfully performs the dual role of horror and comedy. It is sometimes nasty and depressing and sometimes makes me laugh out loud. I really do enjoy the game and look forward to more this weekend....except...

...except the undead are far less fun to fight than people with guns. They are stupid and just rush you (so far at least). I can kill all of them with my torch which saves me from using the ammo that the game seems to think you'll run out of. I have every gun just full of ammo now.


I get it, there is nothing else to really do with zombies. They have spitters and ones that move fast, ones that charge, in fact the variety is pretty good. However, I can kill them all in the same manner with the torch making the experience a little less exciting than the gunfighting baddies in the vanilla RDR.


I haven't played much at all this week as we have Xander's birthday party tomorrow (his actual birthday is right after Christmas, but have his party in the summer as no one comes right after X-Mas). We have an Adventure Time birthday cake and are giving him a 3DSXL with Sonic Generations, Adventure Time and Crush 3D. He should be stoked. We've been squirreling away the games for a long time, getting them all for incredible deals. I look forward to playing Sonic Generations when I can get it away from him.

So, off I go to play the game of cleaning the house. It is a crappy game with boring visuals but at least it has custom soundtracks. So, what are you playing this weekend?

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