I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Another long week with almost no gaming, houseguest have come and gone, and I am so ready to sit down for some well deserved digital mayhem.

I did manage to squeak out one small session of Tomb Raider with my wife this week. I am really loving the game now. The overall experience is really well done. Lara moves through her environment in a way that is exciting to control and the combat has been very tense at times. Still too easy, but we are really enjoying the journey. It looks gorgeous though, I’m really impressed with the engine.


There are some niggling crashes, usually during loads, and we had one save that didn’t seem to stick and made us go back a repeat a whole section from the previous campfire on. This could be just the game and my PC fighting. Though, I rarely have problems with games that happen as much as the problems in Tomb Raider. Polish has been a problem with me and Crystal Dynamics. The previous Tomb Raider, Underworld is incomplete on my 360 and I’ll have to make another attempt on PC at some point. I was loving Underworld on 360 but ran into several game breaking bugs. I was able to get around a couple by restarting the levels, but the final bug couldn’t be overcome, even with starting the ENTIRE game from the beginning.

I was hoping SquareEnix would allow for some better polish (testing/correction money) for Crystal Dynamics. Clearly, this didn’t happen to the extent I wanted. Oh well...as long as I can keep having this much fun and keep moving forward, I can’t complain too much.

I’m looking forward to getting back to The Legend of Grimrock this week as well. Hell of a game that really taxes my brain (though that's not hard to do). I’m am still amazed it was made by four people.

So what are you playing this weekend? I’m super excited to read all the reviews of Saint’s Row IV next week.

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