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TAY's World Cup Bookies Club

Just one hour until the World Cup officially starts (everyone know the inauguration act with the dancers and stuff ain't the real deal). Mayjay was thinking of creating a fantasy league and put our football knowledge to the test, instead I thought of creating a prediction game ^^ So simple that everyone can participate, even non football connoisseurs.

Each morning I'll post the matches of the day, updates on the status of the teams and players playing that day, and a prediction of who's going to win each game.


For example:

Matches for today June 12th:

Brazil vs. Croatia @ São Paulo's Itaquerão stadium. 4PM EST.

My prediction:

Brazil 3 - 1 Croatia

To make things a bit more interesting... points will be given to everyone who gets the result correct, and bonus points for every correct scoreline.

So TAY what do you think? Should we open a bookies club? what about the Fantasy League?

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