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TAY YouTube Channel - Now Accepting Recruits

Hey you there, yes, you! Have you ever wanted to share your creative ideas with the world? Of course you have! That's why we want you, yes, you, to join TAY's YouTube channel!

As you probably noticed thanks to last night's preview, we now have a YouTube channel. It's been up for a few months, but we haven't been sure what to do with it, until now. And that's to give it to the community, to use in much the same way we all use TAY.


What Can I Post?

Well, it's TAY, but on YouTube, so post what you want. Anime/Video game reviews, skits, let's plays, anything you want so long as it isn't universally offensive, you should be alright. If it wouldn't get moderated out of existence on TAY, then you can post it on YouTube.

I Already Have A YouTube Channel, Can I Crosspost?

Absolutely. While promoting your personal endeavors on TAY is a bit of a gray area, we recognize that some of you already have built up your own followings on YouTube by making exemplary content all your own. If you want to post that stuff on TAY's channel, or make content for the TAY channel and crosspost it to your own channel it's all gravy.


How Do I Sign Up?


Good question. You can sign up by either contacting myself or GBD, and we'll get you added. We'll need your email address to get you set up, but that's all. Once you've signed up, you should see the TAY channel as one you can post to when you click your account info on the upper-right hand corner of the page.

Do I Need to Use This?

Absolutely not. Upload your videos wherever you like. This is just an option for anybody that feels like participating (up to 50 people). We're just providing this for those that either want to promote stuff they've got, are interested in making content but don't want their own channel, or just want a place to link to videos for whatever articles they may be working on easily.


Anyway, that's all I've got for today, if you have any questions, or want to join, just hit me up.

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