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TAY Youtube Quick Guide: Selecting a Game

You’ve heard about this here “TAY Youtube” Channel by now, right?

Some of you are even uploading your stuff to the channel! It’s true! You may want to, in order to increase your visibility, set the game you’re playing. That way when people search YouTube for “Aviary Attorney” your video may pop up!


In order to set the game in the video first log in to the TAY Gaming google account (If you don’t know the login let me know and I will give you the details).

Next up go to the creator studio

In the dashboard click the arrow next to your video and select “Info and Settings”


Switch to the “Advanced Settings” tab


And then change the category to gaming. Now a box will show up where you can type the game name. Ideally the game is in YouTube’s database, but if not you can still add it and I believe it will still work fine.


And that’s it. Click Save changes and you’re done. Happy Streams/Plays/Guides/Reviews/Top 10s everyone!


We’re still 21 subscriptions away from prancersizing but I’m in no rush here. It’s cold out there!

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