I'm really feeling it!

TAYbletop - Attn Walfisch, KingpinLarry, Cheroro, Astrokid248, Aikage

The plan is to start at 8pm EST on Friday with an expected run time of about two hours. I can't start much later or do a much longer session as 8pm is 1am for me. Mostly this Friday will be about ironing out any last kinks with your characters and getting to grips with Roll20. Since we'll all be floundering a bit I'm just going to try and do a simple combat encounter which will hopefully lead into the next session.

I've seen character sheets from Cheroro and Astrokid but I still need them from Walfisch, Aikage, and KingpinLarry. Remember to make them on www.myth-weavers.com (and save frequently) and then give me a link to them. As a reminder character creation rules for this campaign are:

Generating Ability scores - Roll 4D6 and drop the lowest roll, do this six times and assign them to your scores as you see fit. Honour system, no fudging rolls.


Materials allowed - Anything bar homebrew and dragon magazine content. But if you're not sure stick to the SRD. If you want advice on what class to play hit me up in the IRC.

Flaws/traits - Two flaws, or two traits or a combination of the two. Rules for traits and flaws can be found on the SRD.

Starting gold - 150GP

The best online rules resources is the D20SRD or DnDTools. I advise sticking to the SRD unless you're after something specific. Do not by any means pay attention to anything from dandwiki.com. It's a very badly organised resource with a lot of bad homebrew that isn't clearly labelled as such.


See you all Friday!

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