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So far on the poll, we have 8 people voting, including myself. For days, we have: Tuesday and Sunday tied for 5, Wednesday with 4, Thursday through Saturday with 3 each, and Monday with 1. Times are Night with 7, Evening with 4, Early Morning and Morning with 2 each. For system, we have 3 people who are totally new and don't know what to play; D&D 3.5, Dragon Age RPG, d20 Modern and Pathfinder with 3; Shadowrun with 2; and everything else with 1 to 0 votes. For the method of play, it is overwhelmingly Roll20; Google Hangouts and Skype seem to be backups. We mostly have players, but we also have two that are willing to spectate. I am currently the only one who's willing to GM or run a game.

So! From these results — and my schedule (since I'm the only one who'd be running the game) — the time and day that would get the highest number of use together is Tuesday between 19:00 and 4:00 GMT (13:00 - 22:00 MDT for me). This would mean four of us, including my little self, would be able to play.


I encourage everyone who's interested to vote, though! Everyone should always vote all the time.

EDIT: Updated information a bit.

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