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I'm really feeling it!
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TAYbletop Dungeons & Dragons Sessions - Very Soon!

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NOTICE - If you responded to the last post about TAYbletop/D&D - READ THIS!

First off I'd like to announce my fellow DMs - Aikage and JollyBootsOfDoom! We will be using a site called Roll20.net for sessions. It supports voice, video, and text chat along with several other features. You will have to create an account but it is free and they have a very nice privacy policy. Links to the campaigns will be provided at a later date.


I have split the groups up based on times available and amount of experience people claimed. If one of the groups does not work for you we may be able to shift things around - But maybe not. Sessions will likely (hopefully!) last between 2 and 4 hours. Starting times may vary per group - I'll leave that up to the DMs, but I think 8 is when most people are available. (But then time zone stuff happens. I'm on EST. We'll make it work) Sessions will be bi-weekly and the first ones will be on the 17th and the 21st.

Here are the groups -

With JollyBootsOfDoom on Tuesdays - Neryl, UI 2.0, Novibear, Spacegar, and StygianKnight


With Aikage on Fridays - Walfisch The Nightmare Of Solomon, Cheroro, KingpinLarry, and Astrokid248

With Pikathulu on Fridays - Derf_vader, Koda89, Shardik-the-man-bear, and Kcet

Now that that's out of the way some guidelines for character creation.

We're going to start with first level characters using only races, classes, feats, etc. from the core rule books. We will be using a simpler variant of the point buy method to generate abilities. All abilities start at 8 and you get 26 points to spread around them on a point for point basis. No ability may be higher than 18 before racial adjustments. Everybody gets a flat 125 to spend on equipment, since those using the SRD don't get that information.


Lastly, some specifics for my campaign and DMing style. First off, I haven't played seriously in several years, so I am a bit rusty. I'll work on it. Next, I like to keep combat fairly simple and have some house rules I'll go into in more depth about when we start play. I reward XP at the end of each session, not each encounter or adventure. The other DMs may do things differently.

JollyBoots will also be awarding XP at the end of each session as well. You can contact him through his conTAYct page (as well as the rest of us) and at Sp00kyfr0g@yahoo.com.


We are all new to doing this online, so please bear with us.

If the other DMs have anything to add I'll put it in the main article. I'm probably also forgetting somethings so check back later too for when I remember them.


Oh, one last note! In the future we may hold other tabletop/board/card game sessions, so be on the lookout for those as well.

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