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TAYbletop: Jolly Good Game

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"I fight dragons because I want to. I fight undead because I have to." -Unknown Adventurer


For my players, your characters will be starting out in the small town of Diamond Lake, a mining town owned by the nearby Free City of Kobol Del Sol.

History of Diamond Lake:

Known these days mostly for providing Kobol Del Sol with iron and silver, Diamond Lake was once a famous spot for adventurers, as the rocky hills surrounding the community boasts numerous cairns and tombs once filled with treasure. But the last known cairn was plundered for its riches eons ago, and any recent treasure hunters have walked away empty-handed.


The poor and destitute are now the lifeblood of Diamond Lake. Hundreds toil away in its mines, breathing the recycled air pumped in by machines provided by Kobol Del Sol. Most make barely enough to survive, and what little money they have left gets spent on the numerous ale-houses, bordellos, and temples Diamond Lake is home to. The town itself has become nothing more than a hovel of mud and smoke, built on the blood of those who have no other options.

Whether born and bred here, or having come into town for their own reasons, your characters have been Diamond Lake residents for a long time. Every day, your hopes of leaving grow slimmer and slimmer. Will circumstances ever allow you to leave?


Sometime before gameday Tuesday, I'd like you to think on why your characters are here. How do they fit in to the day-to-day life of Diamond Lake? I'm leaving the town's description purposefully vague, to give you a better chance to incorporate your character into it. Feel free to make up tavern names, groups, etc. If any help is necessary, or you have any questions, just leave a comment here and we'll work on it together.

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