3 and half hours away from game time! I figured it'd be nice, before we get into things, to set up a few guidelines and some personal house rules.

First, as I said before, the map is a hodgepodge of different maps and tiles roll20 provided, so it's not 100% accurate. The scale is correct, along with any tunnels and rooms you see, but that's it. Much of it has artwork drawn on, which I'm going to ask you to ignore unless stated otherwise.

Secondly, very early on in the game you guys will be visiting an abandoned mining office, of which I have no map. After the scene there, this place will be yours as a group. A home base, of sorts. It's in disrepair, but you guys may spend money to upgrade it how you see fit. If any of you would like to map it out, I'd allow that.

With that out of the way, the house rules;

1) Encumberance: I do not worry about this, at all. I see no reason to stress over every 1/10th of a pound your arrows may account for, for example. As long as you're not trying to carry a huge boulder, two party members, and the body of an ancient dragon all at once, I'm not going to worry about the weight you guys are carrying.


2) Natural 1 on a d20: For melee, this means you drop your weapon. A move action is required to pick it back up. Ranged attacks such as bows have the string broken, equiring a move action to repair. Spells simply fizzle.

3) Natural 20 on a d20: automatic critical hit. No confirmation roll needed. Confirmations for critical hits will only be needed if you crit on something less than a nat 20.


4) While roll20 does allow video and audio chat, I'm going to restrict the game to text chat for the time being. This is simply because at play time, I'm still going to have all 3 of my kids up and running about. Believe me, you guys don't want to hear that.

This should be all, and any other issues that come up we will deal with as they come. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.