Remember, adventurers, we're going to be adventuring tonight! Don't forget to bring a 1st level goblin character of any 1st party class with 3d6 rolled for each stat.

We'll be running a one-shot module called "We Be Goblins", and then we'll be coming back and giving a review of it afterward.

If you're going to be playing, it is preferable if you can have a microphone and headphones. Being able to hear you makes it easier for me to keep track of the players better, and having headphones plugged in while you're using the microphone helps reduce noise on the call.

Alright! Be ready, adventurer, as you'll be facing the horrors of the Brinestump marsh, including Lotsalegs Eatsmanygoblinbabies, and the hideous goblin cannibal hording fireworks in an unknown wreak of a ship. Prepare yourselves!