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TAYblip - Conception II

Hey TAYs an TAYLs!

TmfP here with a sneaky update from Atlus USA!

April 15, 2014 we will be getting a new RP series from Atlus! But BEFORE that on March 25th you can actually download the demo for either the 3DS (Nintendo Eshop) or the Vita (Playstation Store)


People have compared this game to the Persona series! While not necessarily as polished as that series, it looks like a lot of fun with the "Children"! And of course obligatory harem fun. (So Novibear will approve.)

Here's the gameplay trailer it's in Japanese, all you need to know is ATLUS JRPG PERSONA-LIKE! WATCH AND


"Such Atlus, so wow, much stars"

So to recap: March 25th - Demo on both 3DS and Vita April 15th - Game launches in US


and as always love,


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