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Object of the Game: Be on the team with the highest point count at the end of 8 weeks of Run Club.


1 point is equal to

  • 1 mile of running
  • 12 straight minutes of any 1 exercise

When logging points into the spreadsheet please place the point value rounded to the nearest half point in the appropriate cell.


Multiple exercises can be combined Provided that they are done at the same workout session. Otherwise, take the workout that affords you more points that day.

No workout can be logged if under 1 mile or 12 minutes.

Points are logged on The Sheet(tm)

Unlike in previous seasons, points will be non transferable


At the end of one week points may be exchanged for upgrades. These upgrades can only be purchased via your team captain and only on Sunday. The store will remain open all day Sunday until 12 am EST. Any order not placed by Sunday 12 am EST will be looked at on a case by case basis but try to get your orders in by Sunday. TAY Discord will have dedicated channels for the two teams you can either order there, or contact your team captain in some way to tell them. However you need to do it, just make sure you do it.

Upgrades last for 1 week of duration, or are only good for the current week unless otherwise specified in the item description.

Unused points are placed in your team’s bank (manually at first until i can create a “bank” button). After the points have been banked absolutely no more purchases can be made. The bank is your score.


Upgrades will be applied by either the team captain or the user to be determined by team preference. Each upgrade will have a specific color highlighting to indicate it’s use.

For all Upgrades that alter a user score: Right click on the cell and enter a comment. In the comment box indicate:

  • The power up name
  • Who is using it
  • The original value
  • The amount of point gain/loss
  • The final value.
  • Place the final value in the cell itself and highlight it with the appropriate power up color
  • example:

All’s fair from Aikage

12-4 = 8

Then I would highlight the cell pink and change the cell value from 12 to 8

Power ups will be updated sometime mid week so keep your eyes open and I will also put a link to the most recent post in TAY Discord if you feel you may have missed it (check pinned messages in your team’s channel)


A Turn of the Game

Just to assuage any fears - it’s not as difficult as it may appear. Here are the basic steps required of you.

  1. Exercise as you do throughout the week.
  2. When you finish exercising convert your exercise time into points and log it into The Sheet on a day to day basis.
  3. Keep an eye out mid week for the Upgrades post and make a decision on any Upgrades you want to buy on Sunday.
  4. Sunday get in touch with your team captain and let them know which Upgrade you want to buy. If it’s applicable immediately, use it. Otherwise sit on it and wait to use it sometime during the week.
  5. Repeat!
  6. Have fun? Hopefully? Maybe?


Q: Do points carry over from week to week?

A: No, any unspent points are placed permanently in your team’s bank. You then have a clean slate for the next week.


Q: Does Eyeroll work for the current week?

A: Eyeroll works the week after it was purchased. Think of it as an investment in your future.


Q: How many power ups can I have per week?

A: For week 1 we will start at 3. If I increase the limit I will notify everyone in the patch notes and with a special mention in the discord channel


Q: But I reallllyyyy want to add two workouts together!

A: I get that, I do. Having run this game a few times it quickly became apparent that allowing people to do so resulted in pretty major abuse. Running this sort of game is tricky and sometimes my best option is to take a hatchet to some things. I apologize but it is what it is. Buy the Magpie’s Flight Upgrade!


Q: Can I buy more than one of an upgrade?

A: Unless specified in the upgrade itself, no

Q: Can I stack debuffs on a person?

A: Yes and no. Only one debuff type, per week, per person. You can’t have your whole team purchase one debuff and use it on one person (you monsters). You can purchase different types of debuffs and use it on a person. The reason for this is since counters can only be purchased in one packs it’d be too punative if they were targeted twice by the same debuff as there’d be no defense against it. Finally, a person can only have a max of 1 debuff applied on a day unless an upgrade specifically says it can be combined with other Upgrades.


Q: I Blocked ?Kidechkalaugh with silence/hibernate, am I immune for the rest of the game?

A: No, I will clarify this in week Two’s patch notes, but unless the power up goes through you’re still fair game. The idea behind this is to make those people who would most be at risk (ie usually high score ppl) continue to purchase counters (use up space and moolah). This rule holds for any other debuff that is a “one and done” debuff.

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