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TAYcersize Upgrades


  • Dynamic Duo (1 points) For this week you can swap one of your runs with a teammate. The teammate must have points entered for a day. Rienier was going to win this if he had to drag quiddity kicking and screaming across the finish line.
  • Eyeroll (2 points) If you score under 10 points last week, you can add 5 points to your score this week. Enter these points as a 5 point addition to any one run. Offkilter sighed as she looked at her running shoes. Surely if she put them on slow enough that had to count for points, right?!
  • Magpie’s Flight (1 point) On one day this week you may use magpie’s flight to count a second workout. For example if you run in the morning, and then go play soccer at night you may use magpie’s flight to add the total of both workouts together. Magpie crossed her fingers. Fighting fire with fire had to work! Fighting most other things with fire had done right by her so far anyway.
  • Quiddity (5 points) Give quiddity a point for every day he logs points. Can be used by either team. *wistful sigh* game is hard.
  • Chair Dancing (3 points) Double your score for one day up to a maximum of 6 points can be doubles. CD can be used in conjunction with a point value of higher than 6 points but only the first six will be doubled. (A 25 point run will have six points added to it) Clap those paper plates together ladies!! count it down! and 5 and 4 and 3, break that sweat! 2. and 1!
  • Wanna Bet? (1 point) - Pick a player on the opposing team and pick a number of points you think they will get by the end of the week. If you are within 3 points of the correct answer, you get 5 points. Nior threw the cards at the mirror sulkily. “I’ll NEVER be Chris Angel”
  • Double or Nothing (5 points*) - If you correctly guess someone’s point amount with Wanna Bet? you have the option to attempt a second week on the same person. If you guess correctly again you get 15 points. Sliding his card to the edge of the table, a slight smile on his lips, Nior spoke, “I fold.” damn.
  • Nemesis (1 point) - Pick someone on the opposite team who was within 4 points of your last weeks score. If you score more points this week than them, gain 5 points. Kluge grinned, “I’m back from Mordor and better than ever!”
  • Hibernate (4 points) - You cannot be the target of any debuffs this week however you may not purchase any additional upgrades. This upgrade does not need to be placed on the spreadsheet. Novibear crawled back into his den, “nope”


  • Revenge (1 point) If you have been targeted by nemesis and lost, you can rechallenge the same person. If you win, you steal 5 points from the user. Revenge cannot be used on a Revenge, only after a Nemesis.
  • Amandaggedon (4 points) - Your Team captain will pick a random buff for you (I suggest Randomizer.org for this). This buff is completely non counterable through any means. The week after Amandaggedon is purchased, you cannot purchase any buffs or debuffs (but you may purchase counters). If you get Amandaggedon again for the random buff, give yourself 10 points. For the first time in history It’s gonna start raining men (start raining men).


  • Divine Aura (7 points) Any points logged by the person above and below you on the sheet are given a +1 bonus. This bonus also applies to yourself. Aikage sighed and readied his defenses as the beam of heavenly light shot towards him. They wouldn’t take him unawares.


  • Halfhearted Gnome Rush (2 points) Remove half the score for one person’s run on the opposing team. Maximum reduction by HGR is 5 points. (A 12 point run you would reduce to 7 for example). Gnome looked around wide eyed and scared. “Everyone but me - CHARGE!”
  • ?kidechkalaugh (5 points) - A selected user cannot use any Upgrades this week. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Banned! Banned again!
  • Scapegigli (3 points) - Subtract one of your day’s points from a person on the opposing team’s. Cannot be used to erase more than 8 points. Points are applied post any upgrades. (ex. if I use Chair Dance and double my points to 12, someone using scapegigli on me to subtract 5 points instead would change my score to 7 (not 2)). Gobble Goble


  • Heist (2 points) - Copy the pre upgrade point value from someone on the opposing team and replace one of your own point values with it. The replaced value must be higher than 1. StygianKnight crept into the kitchen. Tonight was the night. Those cookies were his.


  • Pichalous Cage (3 points) - Pick an opponent on the opposite team. If you can match three of their points values throughout the course of the week, you can add the highest of those three values to your bank (not your personal score). I told you to put down the bunny...


  • Silence (2 points) -?kidechkalaugh cannot target you this week. RerTV tapped his mic a few times. “Is this thing on?”


  • Long Arm of the Law (1 point) - Anyone trying to use heist on you is blocked and also loses 1 point. Masena laughed as he watched StygianKnight blunder around the kitchen completely unaware that the cookies weren’t even there.
  • Dewy’s Rock (1 point) Anyone trying to use Halfhearted Gnome Rush on you is blocked. Gain an additional point to the targeted run. I’m rubber, you’re glue anything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!
  • Critic (1 point) Anyone trying to use scapegigli is blocked. Scapegigli is automatically purchased free of charge for the user for the next week but counts towards their 3 upgrades. Now we can see why the Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck marriage was called off. It was on grounds of unreasonable cruelty to audiences.


  • CrushCrush (1 point) - Pick a user you believe has used Hibernate. Remove Hibernate from one user. If the user you chose did not use Hibernate, there is no effect. This Upgrade must be used by the end of Monday. Y’all remind me of raw cookie dough. You look delicious but you’re probably bad for me.

Using Upgrades

  1. Purchase them on Sunday.
  2. Tell your Team Leader when you’d like to use it.
  3. Team leader will place it on the spreadsheet and modify the points accordingly using the “add a comment” feature on sheets to show exactly

4. Rinse and repeat

Upgrades will be posted throughout the week but will be added to this exact post in the future. The mid week patch notes will only include the NEWEST upgrades.


Remember that your points, after Sunday are banked and your personal points reset to zero.

For the forseeable future your max number of Upgrades per week is three. Subject to change depending on how it goes.


Upgrades cannot be stacked on the same person, or on the same day. You can use different upgrade debuffs on the same person but you cannot have your whole team buy HGR and use it on one person, for example. You also cannot target someone on a day when they’ve already been targeted negatively by someone else on your team.

Unless an upgrade specifically says so, you can only purchase one of each upgrade (no stacking chairdance for example) each week.

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