I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAYcersize: Week 1! Teams Assigned! Pick your name and Team Captains

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We’re finally doing it!

Sorry to the following people:


But after several attempts to contact you and you not responding you’ve been booted out. If you magically appear within the next 5 mintues I can throw you on a team (we’ve uneven teams, thanks obama)


That said, I have done my best to balance the teams using magicaly python programming magic and here is what the computer has told me are optimized teams. If at the end of 8 weeks it is wrong, we will blame it and not me. ITS THE COMPUTERS FAULT.

Team 1

  • Ikalx
  • Offkilterpendulum
  • Kluge
  • Couch Gnome
  • Amandageddon
  • Slinker
  • Aikage
  • Novibear
  • Kidechka
  • Datacide

Team 2

  • RerTV
  • Quiddity
  • Burt Reynolds
  • Nior
  • StygianKnight
  • Barkspawn
  • Magpie
  • Rienier
  • Nach

Hop on the Discord to discuss with your team - meet and greet! Assign a team captain! Pick a Team name! Check out the Updated Spreadsheet! Log some points!


For now nothing has changed in terms of logging points. Just carry on as usual and by midweek Wed/Thurs I will get a post up with a list of power ups for Sunday! I know it’s yet another program on your phone, but having the discord app is going to make it so you’re reachable sometimes which is going to make this way more fun! I promise not to spam mentions!

Have you ever noticed I use a lot of exclamation points! Wow!

The Spreadsheet


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