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Hello fellow readers, commentators, and all alike who may find their way here from the main page. It has been a while since we had a chance to talk amongst ourselves about the state of TAY, and where as a community would like to be. I'll keep it short, but as always anyone can jump in and participate.

Where we left off - For the most part, we have already established the distinctions between TAY, and TAYclassic. One being for formal (but it has not been always the case) articles, reviews, blips, and semi-serious issues post by Authors. For folks who may or may not want to be featured on Kotaku. While the latter was for everyone to discuss, and share to their hearts content, without any structure or requiring to be an author.


This (my impression of what we decided) was the consensus we came to 6 months ago. To help increase the traffic to TAYclassic in hopes that it would flourish with new faces. Of course we have seen talented, random and wonderful folks make TAY their home, but tayclassic has become a bit emptier. And there are still folks who don't know how to make head or tail on how to 'just jump in' once they get here.

I love this community, we are what Kotaku strives to be. We are excellent to each other, and TAY is for everyone. My concern is people getting warded off by how structured TAY has become(which is fine, not the issue, and even I fund posting on old tay daunting), and don't find their way to TAYclassic. Leaving with the impression that we are a selective group of few with no hopes of their voice being heard. Which is farther from the truth.


In short. You do not have to write or have authorship to be part of the community. This is why TAYclassic exists, so that regulars, and new faces have a place to discuss, and share to their hears content. A message which (to me) is getting lost.


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