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Taycraft: The MMO Discussion

This week Guild Wars 2 announced what was to be solely an April Fools joke, but after realizing the scope of the content, they decided to make it a month long event. The Super Adventure Box is a tribute to old school gaming, and allows the adventurer's of Tyria to take a break and have some fun. A game within a game!

With spending my time in Guild Wars 2 this past week, it made me realize I really enjoy this game because it encourages exploration. For the most part the majority of the content in the game is just running around and exploring, and the visuals in the game are attractive enough to make you want to do so.


Something I'd really like to get out of this is getting people together in games. I've gone ahead and made a TAY guild in Guild Wars, and will invite anyone who wants to join. Guilds are game wide, and across all servers, and you don't get tied down to being in just one.

Feel free to message me in game, my account name is Imhullu.6170

Maybe in the future if people mention what they enjoy playing down below we can get communities running between a whole handful of games.


As for our discussion, what aspects of MMO games keep you coming back for more? It can be anything from a design choice, to something unique to a specific game. Feel free to share your opinions below!

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