I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAYNAMI! Blood and gore edition!

Weeeeeeeeeee! Hellsing Ultimate starts at 3 am! Definitely one of my favorite anime. Anyway, for those that haven't seen it, know that it's pretty cheesy, but also really awesome and almost literally filled with blood. BLOOD MWAHAHAHAHAHA!


Which brings me to my topic for tonight. Are there any anime where the lack of blood hinders the story/action? For instance SPOILERS FOR FAIRY TAIL During the Magic Games Erza fights off 100 monsters in the manga and emerges with her armor in tatters and covered in wounds, obviously having pushed herself to her limits, but in the anime she still looks injured, but there is far less blood, making it seem like she isn't about to collapse from exhaustion. END SPOILERS

Alternatively, how do you feel about non-Japanese accents in subs? Are you able to identify them? Those that have seen both the dub and the sub for Hellsing Ultimate, which do you prefer? I prefer the dub.

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