Today there were a lot of Ani-TAY posts. I'm adding one more. Deal with it.

News recap for Toonami and related stuff-

•First, Black Lagoon begins tonight at 2:00 am.

•Space Dandy already has a second season scheduled for July.

•Crunchyroll - Now on Vita

•And teasers in the latest Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple hinting at reveal of new season in the next issue. I hope. Probably just another OVA. I hope not, I want it dubbed...

Today take a guess at how much anime you've watched. However you want to quantify it is fine. Hours, Episodes, Series, amount of your soul left for other things...

For the record my series count is probably around 270 completely finished or in the case of long series, like Pokemon and Naruto, being up to date with them. With probably a few dozen that I didn't finish. Considering I only started watching seriously around three years ago I think that's pretty impressive.