I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

(Insert jif here I couldn't find one I liked (I'll probably wind up with a Totoro jif)) Tonight I'd like to talk about anti-Toonami shows and episodes. What do I mean by that? Well if Toonami is all about action anime and cartoons then an anti-Toonami show would be relaxing.

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes despite having an incredibly lame title, is one of my favorite anime when I just want to relax. Part of that is the really lazy protagonist and part of it is probably all the bloom and birds chirping. I just want to sleep when watching it. Not in a bad "This is so boring!" sort of way tho. More like "mmmm let's save the world later, it's not going anywhere," sort of way. . . Hm. Yeah. That's it. Also the silly name calling that doesn't require much thought to get.


Glasslip from the current season is also filling this role so far. Slow paced so far, no giant conspiracy (yet), bright and sunny. Yep sleepy. G'night zzzzz

No seriously I can't stay awake for Toonami tonight.

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