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Bust out your feels jifs it's emotion time! I can't post jifs for some reason again...

What anime made you feel the most emotionally invested in the characters? For me it's Naruto. "That's crazy, Pika! What's wrong with you, Naruto isn't even a character driven anime!" -you say.

And you'd be right. The emotion I feel is hate. Loathing even. DIE SASUKE DIE! You are scum and must die! Saving the world does not excuse your betrayal!


Now let's explore why I hate Sasuke. 1. he's a douche driven by vengeance. 2. He's Naruto's best friend and uses that against Naruto. 3. Naruto is a fool and lets him. 4. he's a one dimensional douche. 5. He's irredeemably evil. 6. He's a douche.

What are some other emotions you feel watching anime? Embarrassed/grossed out by random ecchi scenes? Is moe an emotion? Saddened by a death? Anger at a death? discuss these things and more (toonami related) in the comments below!

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