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TAYnami Week 3 - Guess Who's Back?

That's right!

It's Aku! (and Jack) Welcome to the Toonami discussion group known as TAYnami. Today let's discuss the villains of Toonami.


My favorite villains are always over the top or the protagonist. Or better yet, both. Lelouch of Code Geass is certainly up there for me because of that.

Another bad guy I like is Buggy the Clown from One Piece. Early on in the series he's actually pretty dangerous, even if he is still a bit inept. Even if he was one of the weakest members of Gol D Roger's crew, he was still on it. And as has been made quite clear in the manga, that still matters. Also he's hilarious.

What are your favorite villains of Toonami? Who do you love to hate? Any you can't stand? Also feel free to talk about other Toonami related things.

You can now contact me through my ConTAYct page. I'll also be on the #tay IRC channel for a while if you want to chat.


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