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TAY's 2019 Halloween Spooktacular Pumpkin Carving And Autumn Celebration

Happy Halloween, Ghoulies!

This here is the Great TAY pumpkin carve-off 2019 viewing event and this year, it’s an extended invitation to showcase your recipes, Halloween costumes, other Autumn activities, and the like, as detailed in this post.


A little bit different this year! But the spooky spirit left many of us alone this year but haunted some unfortunate few. And remember, it’s not too late—if you wanted to submit, just add it to the comments!

In the meanwhile, here are some pumpkin carving beauties!


A wonderful Minecraft pumpkin with a right jaw injury.

Next, Aikage’s little one’s cute bat and moon. But...are those paint daubs on the small pumpkin...? NO PAINT DAUBS! (We’ll accept the drawing, however, as it’s adorable):


Here’s an entry from a friend, E., who put me to shame because even if I did carve a pumpkin this year, it’d look no where as good as this:


Friendly reminder that Boo is the cutest. Not Dry Bones.

Our very own Jeremy Whitson is keeping the Mario world alive with a Boo of his own too. Look at this good boy (click for the video)!!!


As noted, I did not carve a pumpkin this year. I did, however, decide to take a couple of pictures of the best Autumn could manage right outside my door (which is to say, not a whole lot). The top image is of a pensive Autumn straw farmer looking across the street on a rainy afternoon. What’s he looking at? He’s looking at the giant Frankenstein that mysteriously pops up every night. He’s scared. So am I.


On this same rainy day, I took a picture of the water falling off a tree. I want to eat the berries but should I? It would truly be a Halloween to remember if I did.


In case you missed it, Nior brought some local Brazilian lore and a look into a video game based on that in this excellent article:


And finally, there’s still time to submit your scary story for this year’s Spooky Story Contest! Read what others have already written and tell us a tale of your own:


Thanks as always for the submissions and have a safe and Happy Halloween (or Thursday...), everyone!

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