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TAY's Comments Section: A SnackTAYku Review

The dawn of the Kinja era brought with it many a change. Kinja gifted each of us with a personal blog, while all the main sites under the Gawker Media umbrella gave users a community space.

We're all on one such space known as Talk Amongst Yourselves, also fondly known as TAY. ...Right, you knew that or else you wouldn't be here. But! Let's talk about the comments. More accurately, let's talk about how the comments taste.


This is the SnackTAYku that 8 of you, plus Neryl wanted. Who am I to deny 9 people of their desires?

  • Most comments that include gifs. You all sure know how to aptly use a gif. When the Alien Overlords visit us and we are made to communicate via gifs only for our fight for survival? TAY will lead the resistance. We may not win, but our gif parties will, at the very least, give us sporadic moments of determination and hope.

On a scale of num to yum: Gif Imbued Comments rank yum. Tasty, Relevant, and Never Out of Style even if some of you love to reuse the same ones. I like to think of it as a home-cooked meal—comforting and classic. You can rarely go wrong and why fix what is not broken?


The Personalities that go with each gif makes them just that much more delicate and delectable.

  • Those Blue Dot Notifications. It's not you guys...I adore when all of you take the time to comment and spend time hanging out via little text boxes. Communication is key and it's wonderful... but when I get any of those blue dots, I recall the days when red dots were winning the war against the orange dot scourge. It makes me miss those times and it leaves with me a bitter sweet taste. The sweetness of knowing most everyone still cares enough to give a gif or feedback. The bitterness wondering just why my brothers in arms had to be hidden and dressed up like smurfs. All their quips, all their concerns. All the comments... It's not so bad though. Gargamel may have been on to something with that smurf stew he was on about. Though turning them to gold always seemed like a better deal to me.

On a scale of num to yum: Meh. I'll get used to it. In fact, I may already be 100% there.

  • The Greys. It's always a gamble with the greys. Sometimes, there's some comedic gold or astute point waiting in them. There are moments of ashy texture with a gross burning smell that is no good for any palette. But then those little gem surprises are just the stuff I live for. Like coloured caramel popcorn. It's a thing. It's good.

On a scale of num to yum: Iffy. Jiffy. Pop. Sometimes.

  • UI's comments apparently. Only the subsequent ones though. The first ones are just divine. That goes for everyone else's too. If you can't find it, I gave it a good home. If you were able to comment some more, well... I'm full?

On a scale of num to yum: - num


Whether the Open Forum, Graveyard Shifts, TAY Classic, or whatever articles... one day you'll turn around and I'll be there. Chewing stuff.

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