I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled TAYs Stalk Exchange. UPDATE: Now with Public Database!

Update: Introducing the TAY Turnip Database which can be updated daily to ease the information exchange and avoid the cluttering of the conversations in this thread (Special thanks to CapnSpam and CallistoEx for providing the ideas). A daily blip will be posted at 9AM (EST) to remind the Mayors to update their prices (Remember there are two turnip prices per day!).

It's Saturday 11:58PM, you are exhausted from partying hard with K.K. Slider all night, when you realize that you have some turnips that are about to spoil just because you didn't sell them that day the asking price for them was a bit too low for you.


Well fret not my friend! This is the post you were looking for! Where we exchange buying and selling prices for turnips!

No hassle!

No Paperwork!

No need to call your lawyer!

This business opportunity is totally Legit! So leave us your information and prices after the jump and become a New Leaf Bellionaire in no time!

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