I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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As we all settle in soon with turkey, flan, and family; we’re also thinking about the holidays and the end of the year. Aren’t we? Yes, we sure are. We’re thinking about all those delicious end of year and best game lists! This is where TAY’s Theme Week comes in—for something a little different.


Round One was all about Love.

Round Two asked for your Summer Gaming Memories.

Round Three asked for your favorite game’s music.

This time, I’d like to request that you talk and write about the worst game you played in 2016.


Chances are, many of you are probably going to compile the best games you played this year. Who wants to talk about the worst games they played! Well, some do. So in conjunction with whatever TAY lists or articles you were thinking about writing, for theme week I’d like to ask we think about those disappointing games we played this year, too. It doesn’t have to be a game released in 2016, just something you played in 2016. It also doesn’t have to be limiting to an entire experience but a fraction of what went wrong. Did it have awful mechanics? Weak story? Bad characters? Mediocre music? Bad games and not so good elements exist. Let’s give them a final send off in this [terrible] year we know as 2016.

Some Basic Things You Need to Know About Theme Week:

I know that many of you are hard-pressed for time, or not feeling very motivated. It happens. It sure does to me. But I’m hoping we can do something together to encourage our fine fellow TAY’ers that hitting the publish button isn’t so daunting. Or that getting to know your fellow TAY’ers a little bit more shouldn’t be a scary situation. Or simply to let you all know and each other that all of your contributions matter.


The rules of Theme Week are simple: Write, Art, Discuss, Encourage.

The Theme, as mentioned, is The Worst Game You Played In 2016. You can write, spark topic discussions or talk about it anyway you like. But let’s think critically! What made it a downer? Maybe a game just had one element you couldn’t love in an otherwise okay jaunt.


What else can that something be? Here are ideas and some things to get you started:

  • It doesn’t have to be a 3,000 word essay. It can be a paragraph or two. It can be a topic discussion — some of the easiest ways to engage the community is to put forth a simple question. It can be an invitation to watch you stream a game. It can be a song you want to share. It can be a silly or amazing drawing. A poem. A piece of tasteful satire. A fictional story. A hilarious screenshot with a few words to back it up.
  • You don’t have to have TAY authorship to participate. Maybe you’re testing the waters and don’t know how to start. This is a great time to try! So how do you get seen? Tag your article with “TAY Classic” and someone will share it over.
  • No Pressure. The point of Theme Week is to get our creative juices flowing and to have fun. You don’t have to participate, TAY. If someone does participate though, the only thing I’d suggest is that we give that person some feedback even in the simplest of ways. A “great article” comment goes a long way, and if you can do more to have a thoughtful discussion with the author, awesome. It’s the sort of thing we should be doing as is, theme week or not. I know we don’t always have the time to comment but trying is something we can all do..

Let’s set this Theme Week to run during the week of from now until the end of 2016. That’s quite the while to plan. Theme week runs in conjunction with whatever you want to write or had planned. And again, this isn’t mandatory but rather a fun writing prompt for the community to get involved.

Tag your articles with the following, “TAY Theme Week” and “TAY Theme Week: Worst Game of the Year”, along with whatever other relevant tags.


Most of all: Have fun! Looking forward to what we come up with.

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