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TAYste Test: La COLOMBE Draft Lattes

Hey it me Novi. I was struck with inspiration. I want to taste test more stuff after going to a few events this spring. I figured I’d write about some of them too.

Full Disclosure this is not sponsored I bought these products with my own money.

For the first article I found some cold brew coffees of a brand I’d never heard of.


La COLOMBE Draft Lattes. There were three varieties at our local Daily Deals store. The options were the plain Draft Latte, the Pure Black & White, and the Chai Draft latte.

Of the three options I prefer the Chai Latte. The original does just taste like a plain latte unsweetened. The Black & White tastes a bit off. I am not sure what is supposed to be. The Chai Latte taste very much like a nice Chai spice blend. I am by no means a connoisseur of coffee though so I may be missing something or simply may not have a refined palette to truly appreciate these.. I do enjoy a lot of Chai teas though. That’s all for today from me I got a party to go to. Y’all enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay safe.


Edit: Nutritional Facts label photo added

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