Welcome, all! I am JollyBoots, your new co-host for TAYV Movie Night, alongside Zarnyx and LoserMLW. And with this week's choice of movie, I'm not sure anyone else on TAY makes more sense to host.

This Thursday, join us in the AIM chatroom ( where you will be able to find me around 8:30 pm EDT) at 9pm EDT for Godzilla vs Mothra(1964)! Just look for JollyBoots on AIM, and I will get you added.

Godzilla vs Mothra(1964) is available for streaming on Netflix. Those without paid streaming will be on their own, but a quick Google search should provide sufficient ways to see it.

Come join us Thursday for all your kaiju smashing needs and one of my all time favorite Godzilla films!


*Reminder for tonight! I'll be on AIM about 8:30 pm EDT*


Top image is from Liliy of DeviantArt.