I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAYV Movie Night: Double Down (TONIGHT at 9 EST!)


Well we’re watching a Neil Breen movie. Writer/Director/star Neil Breen. This is going to be something special.


Link (YouTube) will be provided to people upon arrival in the discord chat room. https://discord.gg/0Qzp1OXI0c0Hct…

This Thursday, 9 pm Eastern Time: Double Down. He was the greatest warrior who was also a hacker genius the nation had, now he’s a rogue hacker mercenary paid to shut down the Vegas strip. However for some reason it looks a lot more likely he’s some sort of vagrant living in a car with 4 laptops and 9 cel phones. They killed his woman, he’s going to make them pay the price. The ultimate price!

He wrote a hero who lives on tuna and water. Just think on that.

So where is everyone going to be Thursday? Watching Neil Breen download the firewall to bypass the mainframe in all vectors. Any other hacking buzzwords? Who cares it’s going to be a religious experience.

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