"You know spies... bunch of bit..."

...wait. Wrong show. Wrong character. Wrong everything!

Tomorrow night sees the return of TAYV Movie Nights in October. Last week we got down and dirty (covering ourselves in alien acid) with Jones the cat and Ripley in Alien (though mostly Jones).


This week we're gonna put on our blue suede shoes and along with JFK, we're gonna bust up some Ancient Egyptian Mummy that's terrorizing a nursing home. Or something like that... with Bubba Ho-tep!

So if you miss Thursday nights with Sam Axe, or just have an unhealthy fondness for Bruce Campbell like I do (and who doesn't); join us for Bubba Ho-tep tomorrow night at 9 p.m. EDT. As per usual, we will meet in the AIM chatroom. Look for Zarnyx or Zarnyx Uriel on AIM and send me a message to be added to the chat. I'll be on about 8:30 p.m. EDT or so before start time.

Hope to see you guys there.