I'm really feeling it!

August 1st? When did this happen? And whoooaaaa, what's that shaking I feel under my feet? And why are people disappearing under the earth? TAY, are you there?! You are? Good. Well get ready because we are going to need to synchronize our watches and run like heck for our lives. TAYV Movie Night: Tremors Edition is almost upon us...

9 p.m. EDT is when we will begin the viewing but first, let's make sure to meet up on that rock over there called the good old AIM Chatroom. If you haven't done so already and would like to join us tonight, make sure to create your username and look me up. I'm hiding from the tremors (which I suspect are not actually only earthquake related, guys) under Zarnyx Uriel. Try looking for Zarnyx, or ZarnyxUriel to see if you can find me. Send me a message and I'll add you to the chat room once you're there.


Anyone daring enough to venture out there and bless the Chat Room with a name once you get to AIM, feel free. I like to see how creative all you cray fools get. No prizes of bacon though for your cleverness as I like to keep all the Bacon to myself.

Anyway, all that said, please leave your AIM usernames in the comments section below in case others cannot find me because it says I'm offline. Also, if we can plan to meet up a little ahead of schedule to avoid snafus or if you just wanted to test it out, I'll be around.

See you later, TAY. I hope...

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