I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Remember when TAYV Movie Night was a thing? No? Not so...much? Oh, alright. I'll just be over here...

Hold on! Wait! Hear me out! So back in the day, like a few months ago, TAYV Movie Night was the place where we'd all use old things like an AIM Chatroom to gather together on Thursday nights to chat while we watched a cheesy movie. Charming, really. We'd laugh, talk, and then there was that one time with Miami Connection...


Anyway, it's making a comeback but we need input!


Is Thursday a good day still? Game Nights usually happen on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but with DLC released on different days like MK8 for example, it's also flexible. Our day doesn't necessarily have to be fixed. It can be impromptu even, if that works. Any feedback on this is welcome.

Nominations! What movies do you guys want to see? So far we've got a very shortlist.

Whenever TAYV Movie Night returns in the near future, we are gonna kick things off with "Deep Blue Sea". Not the Tom Hiddleston one, sadly. Because we love sharks around here, and who doesn't?


For now, thanks for your input, TAY! and stay tuned...

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