I'm really feeling it!

Hello all! Welcome back to TAYV Movie Night. As we did with October, I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in choosing four movies for us to watch every Thursday in December.


With the Holidays upon us, the theme would be Holiday movies (I bet no one saw that coming)! You know, "fighting over the last toy" kinda movies. "Being left home alone" kinda movies. Movies filled with angry elves... Or whatever it is you guys can think of.

So, this Thursday is not far off! If you'd like to participate, we need to get voting first, right? Well since I'm so behind, please start putting your suggestions in the comments below and recommend four or more if you can. Then, go around and talk to others on whether you second their picks or not. I'll tally up what you want to see and we'll pick four from the lot.

Have fun, TAY!

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